New expansion of the VENETA NASTRI F Division at he railway yard in Conegliano (TV)

Work for the expansion of “Division F” at the Conegliano railway yard has concluded with the view to achieve a more and more integrated and intermodal logistics system by all odds aimed at combining efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Renovation works of the Conegliano centre ensue a significant increase in the capacity to receive raw materials that up to now have been transported by railway: from the current 4500 square metres to 6000 square metres. From an environmental point of view, the volumes recouped from transport by road will lead to a consequential reduction of CO2 and of particulate matter emissions.

VENETA NASTRI, an important steel organization, has thus fulfilled its plan for greater efficiency of its logistics system combining it with corporate responsibility, today the latter is even more tangible and measurable. Besides raw materials, pre-painted supplies from Voestalpine, previously transported almost exclusively by truck, are also going to be delivered to the already enabled Conegliano division.