Prepainted steel


The success of Veneta Nastri in the pre-painted product was to focus on the customer and on the solutions to be suggested rather than on sales volumes and this led to the creation of a registered trademark, “COLORMED”

Veneta Nastri represents for what concerns pre-painted steel one of the most important Service Centre of the industry sector, where the high specialisation of the product requires a personalised management of the customer and where quality and service are essential.

Since the eighties, pre-painted steel has been tested for important industrial applications such as Household Appliances, but only in the nineties, thanks to the strong development of paints, increasingly bold applications in the most miscellaneous sectors were boosted:

  • Furniture (metal furniture – shelves – cabinets)
  • Building (false ceilings – doors – partition walls – lifts – main doors – lighting)
  • Posters (signs – plates – boards)
  • Household appliances (refrigerators – freezers suction hoods household appliances – dishwashers – ranges)

In this way, the application of pre-painted steel allowed the companies to eliminate the expensive painting plants by obtaining: lower costs, improved quality of the finished product, streamlining of the production lines, prudent management of warehouses, high flexibility.

Taking note of what the Companies require from us, Veneta Nastri organised itself with a team of specialists who talk directly with the Voestalpine steelworks and with the Customer establishing a partnership that allows to reach a supply start-up after following a procedure that has been put to the test by now. Mutual and general knowledge of the Customers’ requirements, analysing the machines used for the processing of the pre-painted and the possible issues to be addressed, choosing the type of support and paint to be used, planning a “Pilot Batch” in order to test the product operation, analysing the results and possible corrections, customised purchase planning, analysing the consumption and forecast budget that allow the Customer company to focus on its core business without running into shutdowns.