Zinc magnesium

Corrender is the intuition which extends the life of coated steel!
Specific stress tests have shown that the zinc-magnesium layer protect against water, ammonia, chlorine, weathering and more than the classical zinc coating therefore improving pressing and painting characteristics too!


High corrosion-resistant zinc-magnesium coated steel  (Corrender)

Product description:
What is zinc magnesium?
Zn alloy +1,5% Mg + 2% Al (average values)

The layer of coating, which has formed, delays the development of corrosion.
This results in a reduction of the thickness of the zinc and better anti-corrosion protection.

Product characteristics:
Better anti-corrosion protection (a formation time of rust greater by 5 times was observed)
Superior scratch resistance (hardness is two times greater)
Workability: excellent adhesion of layer of zinc-magnesium coating (particles do not detach)
Improved adhesion of painting
Welding: there are no notable advantages – the only noteworthy fact is that there is less coating so welding is easier


  • In humid and/or alcaline environments PH < 14
  • Contact with cement
  • Systems which house animals
  • In chlorine environments
  • Coastal areas
  • Swimming pools
  • In ammonia environments
  • In chlorine environments (seaside, swimming pools)
  • When anti-corrosion protection is strongly needed
  • Instead of galvanized steel with high zinc coating
  • Construction industry
  • Use as pre-painted
  • Industry and automotive industry
  • For painted and non painted* applications

Technical supply terms:

Rivestimento in g/mq ambo i lati
Zinco-magnesio ZM 70 ZM 90 ZM 120 ZM 150 ZM 275 ZM 310*

Weight of deposited alloy
Standard coatings (further coatings are possible pursuant to EN 10346 standard upon previous agreement with VoestAlpine)
Maximum thickness of base material is currently 2,00 mm
Maximum width 1500